Complex trauma

All abused children will hopefully reach a point in their adult life in which their painful child abuse memories can be addressed where they feel able to start that process, a place where they will come to terms with the horrific atrocity that they were subjected to. The only unanswered question left to be addressed can only be as to when? The only one who is truly able to answer that question, in all honesty, is that inner child, that until now has been in hiding away from the world and may not feel strong enough just yet to trust that abused adult’s request. The journey of going within to engage with that childhood takes timing and child abuse survivors around the world that I have engaged with have always related to the statement of bringing their truth to the fore, of course with hindsight and recovery, they felt somewhat like they had underestimated that child’s strength.

Within that realisation and recognition of the mountains that they had crawled over on their journey towards recovery, it was visible just how far they had already come simply by surviving but that knowledge had taken time. At that point of movement, they were able to feel that strength within, just what that child had survived and the world of pain that they were exposed to so long ago. Until they connected with their inner child from the outside nothing could ever have really be revealed, it had to be one of the hardest things that they had ever had to do by taking that first step because it would have been just like walking into the abyss. What was in front of them was unknown and shrouded by a cloud of darkness, but they were somehow able within that moment of support strong enough to have bought the light to that place with acceptance of what they would find there.

In all honesty, it had to be as difficult as their journey whilst within their abusive years even though that abuse may be now firmly in the past, so why would that child want to come out of the shadows and unearth all that pain and trauma? Their objection will carry a lot of weight and there will be a lot of haggling to be done before they allow to be taken by their tentative outstretched hand, their adult self will need to make that inner child feel safe and supported within that journey. So only when able they will reach back towards that pain and feel strong enough to meet that child and their grip would have needed to be firm and held with assurance, they are the only person who can bridge that gap and be able to meet somewhere in the middle because it’s no man’s land.

As their support they will look to you for reassurance for help to really see that this separation they have endured from within is one which no longer needs to be continued, they will be feeling anything other than sure about that very unfamiliar feeling of movement towards that hopeful and in time completed union. We need to remember that togetherness for them and feeling whole is something untried and tested because until now they have survived apart they had to and it has taken enormous strength in which to try, but what they may not be aware of is there is surely not much in this world of ours that they would not be able to contend with on the completion of this unity. When eventually emerging from this extremely dark place together and whole the person that stands there is in truth a complete stranger, they now have to learn within that unity it’s somewhat like a child taking their first step and they will feel more than a little wobbly at the onset.

At the start of their journey where they tentatively start to look for any support available to aid them it will still be a very difficult journey ahead, and it’s a completely new realisation to understand that support had always been there just waiting for this mutual connection. It’s now that they will not only find the camaraderie of other child abuse survivors around the world but also a network of caring professionals. At that time more than ever before they will need to learn how to trust but finding that trust in which to do so also takes practice, it can be far from being found just on opening that first door in truth it’s somewhat like they have to enter a maze in complete darkness, they question themselves as to if I enter will I ever find my way out if a panicked retreat is required?

Truthfully it’s was never going to be an easy road to walk for them and away from those chilling memories but at least they are now on their own two feet and moving and that’s immense progress, yes there will almost certainly be many false starts falls and faltering and that’s where they need to know and to be reassured that no one is counting. It’s movement and at times they will not be able to do anything other but fall but falling should be and can be used as an important part of recovery, just by the happening of the above they are still moving forwards just testing the water. An adult child abuse survivor should always be in charge of the speed of travel within their recovery, to see and feel that they have not relinquished any part of what they were still holding because they can’t afford to lose more, whilst inside their journey we need to state very clearly that we are there to give and not to take anything away because there is no other manner in which this journey will be successful.

Support means just that no longer do they have to shoulder this weight alone maybe now they start to feel truly understood by those waiting in the wings to offer that support, it needs to come in the direction of an outward source but only when requested, never should it be pushed upon them there is no easier way for them to lose that trust if the pressure is overriding. Support can really only ever be used to walk alongside them in their recovery because that’s where it needs to be, however much we may wish that we could do more and maybe even wished for by either party. It’s where in time we can and do watch that growth manifesting, the potential of this growth becomes far greater than their abuse with work and holding on to it is literally life changing. It’s also so important that we understand that boundaries will need to be given from the on start, this is necessary not only for the survivor but also for those supporting, because of the nature of this support we should never allow and always guard against possible codependency, neither are we there to create dependency ultimately what we are looking for is complete independence where they are able at last to stand alone.

When they finally enter a time frame in which they are able to feel movement towards support that transition will be difficult but they will come to see that they are no longer alone and that’s a huge difference. On arrival, their defence is firmly in place and their mind is full of questions bouncing around in their head, just how do you see them and the abusive road which they have travelled? Are you judging them? Do you think that it was their fault whilst they look for confirmation from you that it wasn’t? Are you wondering why they have kept quiet for so long? In all truth, their questions can be endless even if not spoken they are there. They have already lived within self-judgement for it seems like always and it’s for sure that they will feel completely alone unprotected and so very confused, they will always gauge your reaction to every question once asked and answered, because that child within has never found any positivity in this grown-up world and the adult they have become was never able to give that reassurance or understanding. But in truth how could they? Yes, they are now adults but we need to remember that they have also been carrying that child that was never able to heal from the abuse, and the spilt through the middle made the ground feel so unsafe as if it were moving from under them although they had done their best.

When this process begins a gentle reminder needs to be given that there are no right or wrong answers to those ever burning uncomfortable questions, working together we will create that much-welcomed safety net for that surviving adult and that very new union with their child in mutual recovery, there will be confusion whilst emerging as this very altered person it will be new to them and the blend may take some mixing. Of course, this will be an immensely difficult experience no doubt but once tried and tested it will be seen with remarkable realisation, they will see and understand that it’s a completely different situation to heal than their controlled journey of abuse, That they now have a voice and what’s more they were heard and it’s quite incredible to witness this manifestation of a new form emerging, just by the giving of our time support and understanding and the confirmation that all that now stands in their way is time before they stand within their own power.

Let’s just think about that for a moment and just how this has now manifested? They are now in a position where they are in complete control although still dealing with their emotions, they are no longer within that separation and their broken inner child that they have been defending for so very long now walks tall along with them. The strength and power this brings about are so very difficult to explain they are now an adult abuse survivor and it’s overwhelmingly felt within, they are really here despite the time and suffering it has taken to get there, they can now see the end of the road on this journey simply because they were the one controlling the speed of movement. Their journey began and should continue in the right way by guiding and not driven but it’s more than a little new for them to feel, what is this magically more in their life? But it will take time to get used to living without feeling life’s pain. It’s worth mentioning that so many adult abuse survivors after recovery and in their own time reach out themselves to others that still need the guidance that they had been given, they have travelled so far that they want to give back and just how amazing is that?

Everyone’s experience within a support network will be different and it may take time to find that person that they can start to trust, but what’s important here is that they have never stopped looking. They will become just that little bit stronger and more complete as each day passes and in time they will walk through the right door for them and out of the other side. There are so many labels attached to child abuse but complex trauma is by far the one that even comes close to any of them and in truth even that doesn’t cut the mustard, every experience of this journey has its own nature and is integral to the child concerned it should or could never be safe to second guess. A journey of past abuse can only be explained or felt from within that particular child because they will always be the one that has survived those particular events of trauma, it stands alone with all the ramifications that were so very devastating and long-lasting. But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel for everyone with the right help and with the right support in which to get there.

The first attempt to visit this journey of support may not be the right journey for that particular person for so many reasons, and I would never be able to list them all here even if I tried to do so I would never get it right. The support that they are looking for may not be clear even to them at that time but they need to make their own choice and at times it may be unexplainable. But if we were to look at this a little closer for them it’s just like moving a muscle that until now has never been flexed, and this freedom of thought and recognition leaves them feeling completely in the unknown. It takes time to really believe that it’s safe because they are just waiting for that other shoe to fall from above whilst covering their head awaiting the impact.

Getting it right needs to be explored and it can result in hours of complete silence but it’s required and surely needed this is the place where they start and are trying to trust, within this silence they are doing no more than trying to judge that another sitting in front of them. It’s a process of elimination that may never move away from that space in time, and where they can’t find or see movement with that particular support and this is completely normal and should be seen and observed by both. It’s not difficult to understand we all gel with others differently or some not at all and for an abused child in adult recovery this is felt tenfold and not trusted, they need to feel completely secure and if that’s not the right place for them there will be another in which they can find that connection.

In time the right place for all can be achieved because along the way they are dipping into that sore place within more often, and it can be a case of simply not arriving at the right place at the first time in asking. It may seem or even perceived as if that time was not profitable within that encounter but that’s so very far away from the truth, encouragement was given even if not spoken and if it’s only minimal that should never be discarded. If we were to look at it another way they have in fact been allowed to choose and that’s a mighty big deal for a child abuse survivor, they have been able to walk away without feeling any restraint and able to approach another open door when they are ready to try again. And it’s just that little bit less feared which means that the support has indeed made a dent or chip in the armour of their struggle to find themselves, nothing is wasted when freely given to a child abuse survivor every little gesture allows them a feeling of hope and helps to soothe their emotions that they now matter has been taken in and it sits in residency within.

Everyone involved in this process even though it may have only been days or many months we will all be a part of that recovery journey no matter how large or small our input may have been. Our support wherever or however has mattered we have been part of that chain of support, simply because we have allowed and encouraged those steps to be taken. For one I always feel so completely humbled in any which way I may have played a part in this struggle against the ongoing fight against child abuse, each one of them had a right to a childhood in which they were loved and protected and regrettably we can’t change their past or rid them of their horrific memories but what we can do is to be there for them now.

When a child abuse survivor reaches out all we can ever really do is our best in reaching back it will always be enough…………

Negative Reaction

A negative reaction will never be escaped by any of us because it’s a human response entangled within every aspect of our lives and we will never be able to second guess it’s arrival, it arrives without warning a deep penetrating emotion that creeps up from behind intent on defending either the situation that we are within or our pure desperation. One thing is for sure it’s completely unlike a pleasant reaction which leaves us feeling it’s warmth or gives us pleasure, it comes loaded with TNT a highly explosive fully charged defence mechanism, arising from our pain holding us in that place as each emotion ignites and dissension becomes the order of the day. Sparks are set to fly in every direction as our feelings seem to consume us completely our stance has changed into one of a complete defence, no longer can this situation be accepted and if that’s the case then we’ll be the one to act first right?

It starts with a rumble not really recognised for the devastation that it’s about to create but it’s something that we still have control over at that time because we are reasonably right? There will be no need for this feeling to hang around for too long as we exercise our control, we really do have hold of it and we remain in that place of peace and accord it was something over nothing. We are aware that it could have been obliterating but it has been sidestepped and avoided as we move on with our day, it was just another blip on the horizon which is now completely out of sight and our emotions at least this time have stayed firmly in check.

But what if it’s not? An angry within that seems uncontrollable begins to build a powerful emotion that as it rises multiples and we are completely overwhelmed by its magnitude, by the time we realise we are about to lose control it’s far too late this reaction has become far too great for the good of anyone concerned. We feel complete justification for the onslaught that’s about to escape and what’s more the longer we try to avoid it only results in it brimming over with more vigour, creating an immense exposition it’s become inevitably so now there really is no way back. At this point, we move from caring to not really caring at all our negative emotions have consumed everything, who is right or wrong in truth matters not at that point and in truth we are no longer listening to anyone to include our own self reasoning.

All we feel at that moment is the onslaught of the attack we feel is upon us or that deep pain that consumes us leaving us feeling lost and alone, whilst any margin of sense surrounding our control leaves us without warning our pain becomes uppermost. Within that place of pain or loss, we can never see the bigger picture because our vision is completely clouded by our emotions, the need to express just how we feel is far bigger than us at that moment in time and we are not too careful as to its deliverance because our pain has full control. What’s to come later doesn’t seem to matter our own pain is our only focus and we at that time have no idea of how to once more gain control, the pain that we may be creating during that time is not really being ignored there is just no room for it to be recognised. This, of course, is a temporary measure because with cause there will always be an effect but recognition of this fact right at that moment in time will be lost to us.

It’s a road that we have all travelled on I’m sure many times and it’s completely unpleasant for all concerned so just why do we continue to walk in that direction? For us being a survivor of child abuse we have our own set of reasons attached among the norm for others, they can be extremely complicated beyond doubt, as we strive to walk a different road than we’ve been on the one towards recovery so it creates uppermost devastation. Our negative reaction which pushes us into action is always felt as needed because we feel a direct assault upon who we are, whilst we are still within the act of trying to understand ourselves so you can clearly see it’s never going to be straightforward. Abuse affects so many areas of our adult life that at times it can be an uphill struggle, there has been so much negativity in our lives it’s so extremely difficult not to feel the need to defend where in truth no defence was required just understanding. Negativity is nothing new to us it’s like an old pair of slippers that although uncomfortable we can’t seem to them throw away, because even though they are that way how do we know that the new ones we purchase will even fit?

As human beings, we are social creatures and it seems that it’s important as to how other’s see us, although like those slippers this doesn’t fit for all, in truth, it’s far more important as to how we see ourselves. This is our struggle and the end result is that any negative action felt even if not meant or accidental it questions how we see ourselves, our overwhelming history needs no explanation, by pure default, there are so many situations that trigger our emotions. It will take time for us to feel that we need no explanation as to who we are and that we are here in our own right of being.

A better understanding of who we are will never rid our lives from these reactions because there is a need for this state of mind at times, but what I am trying to say here, is that knowing the difference will aid us against the feeling of being judged because that’s a humdinger. Judgement is, in all honesty, the hardest emotion to control and overcome with a history of child abuse, and it will always push us into the reaction and the reasoning for this is simple we have spent a lifetime judging ourselves. The fact that we feel judged by others will only add to further create this negative angry reaction more often and at times it can be well out of proportion.

There is no greater judgement than the one we impose upon ourselves because there is nowhere to run with it quite simply there is no walking away in any direction, and it’s almost always the heart of our negative reaction even when it’s not required. There it will sit until we make that movement away from self judgment and accept who we are. External Judgement is a fact of life and it’s not going away any time soon but it’s far less painful than from within and felt with far less negativity, but if we change our mindset within that excepting, then our accelerated pushed reaction will become a place that we visit less often and life for us will become far less agitated.

We are no longer at the start of the new year we have already moved into 2019 but maybe that action of letting go of our self judgment should have been on our new year resolution bucket list. We always have a choice but when pushed coerced or directed by others into a negative reaction that choice will never be our own, we have to find our own direction which truly lays within so make no mistake this has to be our own inner work or it just doesn’t create the impact required.

We matter so make it our choice……..

New year

A new year has just begun where we will say goodbye to the old as we reminisce on the year that has now pasted us by, during this year we have encountered many things and as always they are stored away in our memory. The passing of time happens and there is nothing that we can do to alter it, but the one thing for sure is that this trend will continue until we leave this world. I’m not trying to write an obituary here I am only stating the obvious of which is no surprise to anyone, that’s just the cycle of life that some may even feel and believe will be repeated as there are still life lessons that we need to complete within this realm.

Whatever we believe is for us to know and to be at peace with but in the here and now we have to live within what we were given, we must strive to fulfil our dreams and find happiness which can be found in the most unexpected places. So where does it start this taking back control of who we are? How do we even know who we are? Can we stop living in the past by letting go of negativity? To accept that things happen in life because we are all capable of ridding ourselves of life’s hiccups, although they may seem huge at the time and so they may be because our overriding mind has far too much to hold on to. Until we can achieve a coping mechanism with everyday life we will never arrive at our biggest challenge, we can’t afford these distractions because our focus must be completely on the journey in front of us. Once this journey has been completed those hiccups will seem to be just what they are life.

Child abuse is the biggest obstacle ever possible that we will have to rid from our mind and unfortunately, it will be our biggest struggle, the pasting of another year I guess is not really recognised by us because our suffering seems endless. That statement really hits hard and I’m so completely exasperated by it, simply because it’s a true statement for so many out there that are still within their pain. So our job for the coming year is to once and for all heal ourselves from within we can’t move from that place until we decide it’s time, in truth, it’s most likely way past time so let’s change it because it starts with us and from within and not from without.

We are all so very aware of our own suffering and so we should be it’s relevant painful and distressing, its part of who we are and there is no separation from our child within or a magic spell that can take it from us. We have learnt to model our lives around our abuse because acceptance and recovery are all that we strive for, and for many, it’s an uphill journey that they are never quite sure that they can make. Life’s memories will always be a part of us but if we look deep enough they are not all as dark as they may seem, any memory that holds the stage front and centre will always crowd out any that are comforting or even verging somewhere in that not so often visited grey area. If we are brave enough to look seek and to find them they are there somewhere waiting and we are one more clear step towards our recovery, as for searching for anything even near to being in the light completely then maybe that’s reaching a little to far-but only for now. Although that may sound a little negative that’s not my aim because those memories are yet to be made they are out there in front of us. If we stay in the negativity we then become a prisoner of the past and that’s where we will unfortunately stay.

Being brave enough to make a movement towards peace and recovery is never going to be a walk in the park it’s going to take enormous strength, but you have it in spades that you should never be in doubt of, just take a look at where you are today your movement has already been huge. We should never doubt our ability to heal or kilter on self-doubt because that emotion is owned by the past which is something we can’t alter or rearrange. Once our mindset is in the right direction well that’s movement and movement in the right direction is where we need to go, with clear positivity we can turn our world on its axle creating a huge shift that we alone have the ability to achieve. All of the above may seem a little daunting because it’s our task and there really is no other way that first step has to be taken by us.

What we do have is an enormous support group throughout the world, and it’s to be envied even by those superpowers worldwide that think that they have all the answers. We have direct access to a network that didn’t need a textbook or to have studied child abuse because they have lived it, I’m not sure that we could ever find anyone quite so qualified to stand with us in our corner. We just need to be brave enough to ask and asking is something we are not that good at and receiving it extremely difficult. That may sound like an odd thing to say but if we look at it a little deeper asking means that we have to move and movement is our Achilles heel it’s painful right? Why should we turn over all of those painful abuse memories? The answer to that question is that until we do we will never let go of the past. The existence of a network of survivors is waiting to help you face that painful journey when you’re ready, but being ready is something you have to do alone with that support waiting all around you. OK, I guess that’s not sugar coating anything but what would be the point in that?

It’s going to be a completely scattered mess cast all around in every direction, we won’t know where anything is and our emotions will be mixed and painful. At times we won’t even own that which lays before us because acceptance hurts so why should we enter that place? The answer is that we have to or any support that we are given may feel as if it were pushed upon us when we are not ready to hold it. So the work starts with us at a level we can control until we feel we are on solid ground, when you arrive there you will know that it’s the time to ask for that support in a network that is fortunately unparalleled. When you are ready we are here just waiting in the wings and the knowledge you will have access to at that time will be that of real life, of shared abuse knowledge and you will always be understood and the emotions that we will feel will be shared because they have been experienced.

We will walk with you on this painful journey once asked but we can’t walk it for you it’s your healing that can be supported once your ready, we are here to lighten your load even help to carry some of it with you, but you first need to look for that solid ground on which to build. Make that start on your work within and as it emerges naturally it will emerge differently, that’s the time when asking is the right time so I’ll see you on the other side where your new year begins and what’s more your new life.

I will leave you with this last thought if we don’t hang together we will surely hang alone………….

The art of processing

It’s something that we all have to do daily to enable us to settle within that place surrounding our abuse because there’s no avoiding process, a place that we are taken whilst initiating our thought’s looking towards our recovery. The speed or manner in which we do so is so completely varied and it is as individual as we are and it’s to be expected. We will all go through this procedure in a way in which we are able to digest and absorb and in a time frame that suits us, there is no hurrying the wind or pushing the tide it’s what’s right for us and our ability to face that in which we find ourselves faced with. We cannot expect any help to be available within this situation because that’s just not how it works, no one could hope to work with you at the exact speed that suits when it doesn’t suit them and their own speed of travel. In essence, our mental processing is just that it’s ours and unfortunately eventually that’s where the buck stops because it has to.

Let’s concentrate here on two of the different approaches in which we as individual’s deal with our abuse and an analogy thrown in for good measure.

We had to find some sort of placement some type of filing system within, we had to gain some type of control indeed any control and that truly was the one that we had in the bag. We could choose as to when or how we processed our abuse and within a place the power taken from our abuser. At least we were able to make that choice of just how we faced that mental entanglement of acceptance or reached a settlement within, if our abuser ever thought we would follow their direction in that area it would have been farcical and unachievable that they couldn’t take.

But to be honest, why would they even care or think about us long enough to wonder just how we would do so? How would we cope with our memories of our child abuse? They simply weren’t bothered it was never in their agenda and the scars that they left behind within that child were never even recognised.

There are many pits falls in our processing whether we take our time in dealing with our thoughtfully reached decision, or if we arrive there with exhilarated speed and the procedure required quickly completed. Either way, we are not going to find it easy but nothing has ever been easy right? But we are still here. Whether you compare yourself to the tortoise in the vision above or the hare. If our way of dealing with our abuse takes us a long time to complete well then it does, although at times we may feel that we run the risk of overthinking. If we arrive at its end seemingly in a dash for the finish line, do we then question ourselves as to have we really thought things through really dealt with them?

So there we sit corundum in hand looking for our truth and struggling towards pure thought, hoping this little gemstone will provide the answers we seek. Just to clarify corundum is a gemstone that imparts power luck wisdom and peace.

Let’s discuss this a little further using only two examples of how we deal with our abuse and a metaphor thrown in for good measure.

If we were to compare ourselves to the tortoise seen in the image above then our processing and movement is an arduous task, we play things over and over in our mind each time we seem to arrive at a different decision. We just don’t trust our own judgement as we second guess every thought never fully accepting, that the decision we have at last decided upon is the right one. Around and around we go on what seems to be a never ending loop, never really sure trusting or gaining control of our emotions with the need to feel safe paramount just what is our next move? We are just not sure and back we go into the loop it seems to be the only solution things like this can’t be rushed.

The hare is a different matter it’s never been one for sitting still unable to wait for the starting pistol to go off, it wants to run so what’s the hold up? Their thought processing is at least ten steps ahead of the tortoise grasping at each thought easily, whilst continual sieving each one so quickly it’s astounding as it passes through their mind. Each emotion or question dealt with at great speed as they move forwards inviting another, their well oiled system at least from the outside can be a little envied. Just how do they make it seem so easy? How is it possible to move through their emotions so directly and positively, whilst keeping an upright stance and seemly in complete control? How is that even possible?

OK, In truth what we see and what is really happening is only ever known to us and it’s something that we chose at a very early age in order to survive. In essence, one choice could have been to sit within our abuse and deal with it on a conscious level, because somehow we were not able to make that emotional run from our mind. Or did we choose the second not to stay there long enough to allow this deep emotional abuse to take hold, so we learnt how to run from within away from our mind, in essence, we were really not there at all. It sure must have been a difficult choice between the two but I guess choice does not apply here, but you get my meaning I’m sure we had to learn how to survive whichever way we chose to do so.

Anything is possible within the mind of an abused child even capture or escape, because both things can mean something completely different in the eyes of the child concerned. What I impart here is that neither or either will work we all deal with our abuse in the only way we can, although from afar other peoples choices of coping seem to baffle us. But we don’t need to understand or indeed compare our differences. Choose that which works for you and it does not need to conform to another it just is. Of course, there are so many other abusive memories dealt with differently then the two examples I have talked about above but I’m sure you get my gist. We are who we are and that’s enough without the need for an explanation, so we have to do things our way because another’s way may not be the right way for you. We can only work within our own abuse so who cares if you are the tortoise or the hare? If I remember that story correctly it’s not that straightforward as to who will win through, but it’s not a case of winning it’s a case of movement at whatever speed we need to take us towards our recovery.

Child abuse affects every child uniquely because their situation is always unique guided by many things, their living situation or whom their abuser may be, the type of abuse or the severity, just how prolonged or whether they are believed or supported. Or could they do nothing more than to remain silent in a world of pain? Some may have even suppressed their memories never allowing them to rise to the point of awareness, and that is completely understandable because they were not able to cope with the aftermath. This can happen as an unintended subconscious consequence and the abuse can lay buried deep within for a very long time, until something happens that triggers that deep awakening completely overwhelming the consciousness.

At times we must all sit and wonder just how our life may have been without the trauma of our abuse, this thought is within the mind of any abused child but that will never bear us any fruit. We have to move on or stay within the pain and until we do so we are stuck. So we need to plant a new fruit tree one that we can see through to fruition, in doing so we learn there is a different orchard in which we can learn to grow. Eventually, we come to understand that all fruit trees grow at a different rate, but in time they will all stand tall, their branches will then bow from the sheer weight of it’s fulfilled fruit. There are so many analogies that can be used within this piece around our abuse and I have imparted but one, whilst trying to stay away from the textbooks that may have been read many times. But in essence, they all point towards the same conclusion that in time we can all move past our abuse, we can learn to live a happy and fulfilled life in which our abuse is finally and firmly in the past. We can’t or even won’t forget because that’s just not possible, but we can put it back where it firmly belongs at our abuser’s feet. Even if we feel that they will not have the knowledge of us doing so because we do so for ourselves, it should never be for them they have already taken to much we don’t need to allow them more.

To be or not to be is not a question of compromise either you be or you don’t be but always be you……….


This is a repost from some years ago somehow it went missing

Let us first look at the word tolerance which wears many hats-There is an outdoor sculpture in Israel near the Goldman Promenade-The Tolerance Monument. Does it form a visually broken column which stands divided but still very much linked-So are they tolerating each other? It can be the study of accumulated and variation within mechanical parts and assemblies. There is the tolerance or drugs or alcohol, simply because the more we use or drink the more our bodies deal with the substances we consume or inflict upon it. Pain tolerance is also very much up there, oddly it seems that the longer we live the pain our tolerance increases. Before I rattle on here in danger of sounding very much like a dictionary, let’s move on to something that we neither would nor could think would sit right within the middle of that word-Abuse tolerance. 

So how do we make this distinction? I have mixed it up-Turned it over-Beaten with a stick-Along with juggling all of the parts within this puzzle. But still, I am not wholly aware of why we would do so? So I am going to stick my neck out here and make a guess to the best of my knowledge and past experiences. If we were to crawl around amongst every word sitting here right above us at this time, then maybe we could find the answer to my ever-burning question. Why would anyone much like me tolerate abuse? The entire variables above stand fast in our every growing effort to make our lives have meaning. 

Let’s first look at the Monument-Over many years it has stood there trying it would seem to break away from the base that holds it together. Each part seems to want to leave the other behind, but unable to make the final splintering at the base to make that possible. Are we not splintered that way whilst we still hold on to our abuse? No matter how far the pillars move away from each other they are still only bending not breaking.  

Mechanical-If we were to think about the working parts of our bodies are we not, in essence, a machine? All parts need to hold fast working within our tolerance. We do this every day with our abuse. The problem is that no matter how hard we try these parts will always fail never tolerating this intrusion into our bodies and minds. Until we take over the maintenance because we are the only ones holding on to the tools to alter that part of us.

Pain-Pain tolerance is something I can vouch for. After having an accident in 1998 in which I injured my back it’s been a challenge. As time passed I became drug/painkillers tolerant-Result I had to increase the dosage. On reaching the ceiling of that painkiller I could no longer increase the dose safely-where was I to go? In truth, it has almost become apart of me. 

Drugs or Alcohol-This comparison is very different because we already have the key in hand to stop the continued use. Please don’t think that I am saying-It’s your fault why are doing this to yourself why can’t you just stop? In all honesty, I could never say those words to you because I used one of those props for so very long. I never went down the road of drugs, but alcohol was very much where I went to hide from the world. If I am being even more honest it was also where I went to find myself.
Yes, we may be able to see the drink in our hand or the particular choice of drug sitting in front of us, but that only means that these props are visible. The other three comparisons I have used are just as accessible to us when we learn to look within. Within our mind’s eye, we can repair break away and alter every part of our being, it doesn’t need to be seen with the naked eye. 

So why am I here today? It’s to share with you the oddest thing that I may ever encounter within my life-Although it’s taking me a while to get to the point-Sorry.

There is knowledge deep inside of me which recognises that for so many years I was totally tolerant of my abuse along with its memories. I guess that everyone needs an anchor of sorts somewhere; to feel a connection to this world. It pains me to say that for so many years my anchor was my abuse. It was all I remembered as being the largest portion of my life. As sure as hell it was not the anchor that I would have hoped for it was the one I was stuck with. I was in a position of needing an anchor in life to feel that I was on solid ground, whilst trying with all my might to leave behind the abuse that I had suffered. I tried many times before I succeeded but the point to make here is that in time I did-You will also. 

So there I stood a plan in hand, intent on moving forward; but time after time I was left holding a spanner in hand ready to throw it into the works. Once thrown each time it caused my best thought out plans to crash and burn. The mental effort I had thought through so carefully giving it my up-most consideration. I was left with the remains of a car crash with myself being the only mechanic in town. The truth was that I was the one applying this outcome each and every time it happened. Why? It was natural for me to hold on to an anchor for stability, but I was burning my hands with every touch. I needed an anchor in my life, but the one I had was only destroying me. 

An anchor is something solid it gives us the strength when necessary to hold on. Without it, we would find ourselves flailing around unable to make a connection to anyone or anything. The end results deep down inside finds us thrashing around vigorously, aimlessly crashing around like a puppet with broken strings in an endeavour to find that solid ground. Everyone needs to feel a connection to the world and our place within it. The one thing that dominates our lives is a structure implanted as we have grown. Something put in place that had or has an overbearing effect; if you like we can even call it our shadow. It’s always there but unless we are standing in a certain light it’s just not visible to us. Given a situation where we are standing where our shadow should be visible and it’s missing, it’s a very unnerving situation as we really cannot fathom its departure. Never in a million years should we tolerate our abuse. But we are so very unsure of our place in the world without it. Quite simply it’s all we know. It has been our anchor which sounds so completely off the wall and it’s been a heavyweight to carry. 

Just like the picture depicts at the top of this piece we are somehow shacked to its longevity. So I should not need to tell you that for those of us that have or are still suffering abuse it’s by far one of the hardest things to overcome. We are left with nothing more than cause and effect. We need solid ground-The only solid ground seemingly available to us is our abuse. I know all this astounds but that’s where we will stay until we realise that there is another way. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just obliterate our past or remove it completely leaving no trace-Wipe it out-Destroy every memory? I admit it sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? But choosing that path is never a sure bet there could come a time where it will be back with you biting at your ankles. Suddenly tolerance seems the only action that can be taken. 

But there is another action that will bear far more fruit; we should never feel that all we ever had through life was our abuse. It took me many years to be able to pull back the curtains just to take a little peek beyond my abuse; that’s where I found to my delight that there were good memories to be found they were simply lost within the circus. From that day forward I began looking for solid ground that I could build on. It’s a little scary out there because for a moment within that time, you find yourself without the anchor that everyone needs to feel safe. The reality check is that you were never safe because the ground beneath you has always been rocky; it seems at times we feel that what we know is safer than the unknown no matter how fearful the right there and then seems. 

There is a metaphor that comes to mind here quite readily – Keep both feet on the ground have they ever tried that when the ground beneath you is so unstably…………

An unforeseen accident can happen to any one of us which requires that we head towards the medicine cabinet to pull out a plaster or a bandage, and maybe even a visit to the hospital to get patched up. We feel a little sorry for our self we may even revel in it a little it’s nice to feel cared for even if we play the old soldier for a little too long but soon enough we heal and get back to living our lives. We may even have a battle scar that we proudly exhibit so that everyone gets to see just how injured we were. That, of course, depends on the person or the child and both my grandsons and granddaughter know just how to play me within that to its full effect. It seems that sweets and fizzy drinks will heal all and I want them to get better right? Well, that’s the question I am asked often.

These cuts graze bumps and bruises are visible and although they may be a little painful at the time they will soon be forgotten, we don’t need to hold on to it there is no real purpose or reason for doing so. It will for sure happen again somewhere in the future life is full of trips and falls which we would rather avoid. That’s just how life is but we pick our self up brush our self down and normal activity resumes because the pain we felt was sudden and unexpected, they will heal over and our bruises and bumps will disappear and if we are lucky they leave no trace evidence.

But what I’m here to talk about today is a world apart from the above if only that were the extent of the pain felt by an abused child. For the purpose of this exercise, I’m going to use a jigsaw puzzle as a point of reference whilst engaging with you today, the many emotions within us that are so completely fragmented, that separation deep within us, and just how we can change that mindset and work towards our recovery. Our open wound will never completely disappear and we will spend year after year trying to apply that plaster only for it to be painfully ripped away time after time. Even when we feel stronger we know that there will be another bad day coming our way, unfortunately, maybe that’s a mindset but we are proved to be correct time after time. Our abuse is part of us and it always will be in varying degrees so the medicine cabinet will never really aid us.

We have to find a different way and become masters of selection and learn the art of compartment, yes that bad day seems to be a frequent visitor so where do we need to go to find our healing? The answer was never going to be an easy one our child abuse and its effect upon us can’t just disappear but it can be altered in the way that we perceive it. In time we can all learn to control that which we already know which is far more than we have ever expressed to another, we have always kept something back because that’s our safe space. Our mind is so much stronger than we imagine in truth we have for many years been carrying two sets of emotions i.e. whom we seem to be externally and our damaged child internally and that takes enormous strength. Maybe it will always be that way but we can’t wipe our memory or the pain that it creates that would be like painstakingly piecing together a 1000 piece jigsaw whilst blindfolded.

We can never hide or forget the past or have our memory altered and why should we it’s integral to us and if you remove a section it alters the whole, it may sound like a good thing if we were able, but in truth, it couldn’t help but disturb the balance that we have spent years achieving. What’s needed is a change to our thought process and the end of our separation from our inner child, because if that separation has never been addressed it will remain the place where our residual pain sits. It’s so important to know that until we find a way of coexisting with our thoughts feelings and emotions we can never become as one, so we learn to control our exchanges until the time where we are mostly able to stand together as one. OK, there’s no mistaking that at times we really won’t get along and what the other is feeling expressing or imposing upon us will seem so completely alien.

During this time it may seem to others that we have become a little distant but that’s fine and I’ve learned through life that what others see really doesn’t matter, they can’t enter that place within us there is only room for two and at times that may feel like it’s one too many. But when it’s time and if we are ever going to make that change then we must at least be looking at the same jigsaw, even if at times we may argue as to where we should start or who place’s each piece where it’s needed and it may end up in total destruction! Here we go again on our knee’s searching for those scattered segments. But it doesn’t have to stay that way the more we practice going within the exchange becomes a little easier and in time we will find that well-earned compromise.

We will find that our processing becomes a little smoother that we are in control more than ever before even if we slip back a little it’s expected, or we seem to be taking three right turns when in fact it was only one left turn that was required. We are learning to coexist because neither of us should need or want the other to leave we are just in a different place’s right now, and yes it’s scary when we decide to make this adjustment buts it’s achievable.

Counselling is so very important when we move towards recovery it may take many years until we feel strong enough to stand alone and complete but in time we will. When we are nearing that place we alone will need to insert that last puzzle piece because it’s part of our recovery and we have to feel strong enough to do so. It’s now within our grasp whilst in the past we were so often found scrambling around on the floor within a search of desperation, where is it? When we finally come together as one in love forgiveness and with complete acceptance our jigsaw will be complete.

That’s the time that our wound heals over and the scar it leaves behind is nothing less than beautiful……

Interview with NAASCA

I was completely honoured to appear on NAASCA radio show last night and to be able to talk directly to other child abuse survivors even though they live across the pond. I myself live in the UK and NAASCA are situated in the US and represented internationally. I was very humbled to be asked to be their UK representative and a direct port of contact. Also in the very near future the UK ambassador officially representing NAASCA when they expand globally. My involvement in this venture will add to their reach of support for so many others around the world. They also requested me to write directly on their website as often as possible as a guest author reaching those that have yet to find their own path. Extended support is something that I am passionate about and it will allow me to stretch my wings a little further.

NAASCA webisite below


Copy and paste the words below to a search engine for a direct link to my interview or visit the NAASCA website.

Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) – 2020

As We Become One

I would like us to consider our inner child today and their right to be within to be part of us and accepted, It’s so easy to forget that without them we would never have made it this far without any doubt. It’s easier to think that they are the weaker part of our being but in truth, they have had to be so immensely strong whilst alone for longer then we have been with them within union. I feel it’s time that we recognise just what they have done for us throughout our journey asking only of the smallest requests which we then at times choose to ignore. Just think about that for a moment for all intents and purposes it must have been a very harrowing empty and frightful place for them. We ourselves have tasted that place even if infrequently seeing only a segment of their pain before getting the hell out of there and then avoidance becomes the rule of the day.

When we then reach a place of that merger it will be for sure without much elegance but we need to understand they have been holding us up for so many years, so do we reach a decision that they are no longer needed? I can’t think of anything more disturbing or completely untrue if not somewhat ungrateful. We asked them in childhood to take on these atrocities fears and nightmares, without the realisation of just what that meant for them and what that separation would mean. We must also recognise that at that time we had no other choice our outward child would have never survived unless we had, but it was forced separation and subsequently they had all those years of pain in front of them until we reached a point of trying to coexist. They have always been an integral part of us but carrying that weight alone they were never given any escape route, or a backdoor to flee through whilst we enter and retreat at will when it’s too painful to stay.

It’s so easy to blame them for all of our mistakes whilst on our separate journey but that is untruthful, mistakes were made by both parties and neither of us was feeling safe or held. The hardest thing we will ever do is to combine because it can’t help but to be a collision, and neither of us will feel at first that this becoming whole will ever work and just who would be lost? It can be somewhat likened to the clash of the Titans both feeling as if we are gods of war and maybe that’s just what’s needed. In truth, this will be the hardest fight you will ever encounter war hammers being thrown in every direction, we both seem to feel as if there needs to be a clear winner and happy to destroy the other in doing so.

Why this happens is so very complicated because within that reunion we are met with so many emotions that neither of us has as yet experienced together. We feel out of control as the thunder rolls and the lightning flashes all around us, and for sure the ground is cracking open beneath us as those thundering blows continue with huge impact exposing our weakness to the other. There can only be one true winner right? Conception and completeness at birth are long forgotten at that moment in time there is only survival.

Our inner child has never been very good at listening to their elder but it never fails to mimic them as any child would but not really knowing how there are so many emotions that they have never experienced and it’s enormously overwhelming. We don’t seem to have any control whatsoever over their actions at that time resulting in complete devastation, as cause and effect clash with the end result that would be envied by any Kraken and emanated by the god of war Aries. Any attempt to bring back any order will seem completely impossible without the help of those gods, with no clue as to how to repair the damage that lays stricken before us as we each attach blame to the other. It will seem unbelievable to us that so much damage can be caused in so little time, we are left with the prospect of trying to right our wrongs and the realisation that it may not even be achievable. At that precise section of time the gods are now abstaining their hands in the air as if they had not aided our complete breakdown at all! But through it we now stand as one.

This long waited of coming together was so very difficult but we have now reached a truce and no longer do we need to provide for each other separately. Ironically at that moment we stand naked from all emotion and feeling so extremely empty within. With it comes the realisation that although yes we are now complete it had a cost. Neither of us could have stopped what had just taken place we just couldn’t because it was a journey into the unknown. It had taken so long to reach that place of acceptance of each other without judgement but the battlefield of emotions we leave in our wake is terrifying, and our prayer’s to the almighty god Zeus proves fruitless. As he now seems to be sitting on his hands whilst Ares seems to be admiring his art at destruction.

Positivity can be taken even at that point of emptiness because when you’re so completely lost you have no other choice than to find yourself, but it may just have cost us dearly in a completely different aspect. The god of love Eros has let lose our hearts to the outer world to enable us to find the love within and there is no greater love than of one’s self. But to live in love with another there is no greater emotion felt and the oddity is that our capacity to love outwardly is now greater than ever. We have been through life questioning ourselves and those around us but it’s only now that we know the truth, and are to prepared to give that which we have always questioned our capacity to love in unity.

I’m not really sure what to tell you here because within our realisation we have it seems to become very much involved with Pax the god of peace well at least within us, at the same time reaching out to the Greek god Harmonia the god of harmony and concord but it seems that she has lost her touch. Just how do we put right the wrong that we had plundered in to? Right there and then we have no clue we can’t even ask our inner child because that separation is no more we stand alone now within our choices.

We are left in a state of bewilderment without the power available to those much praised and powerful gods. When we have people in our life at that time of going through this huge adjustment we can lose sight of them as we are forced into negotiation within, and we can create a world of pain for them without intention. I’m truly not sure that it could have been avoided because we were within a sea of pain during that time ruled by the Greek god Poseidon, as we now find ourselves praying to the god of regret Hades. Hades was also the god of the underworld and the ruler of the dead and it’s quite fitting because we have indeed reached a death-the death of the separation within us. The only thing possible is to hope that Minerva the god of wisdom and understanding will come to our aid, without it there is no real apology that will cover that which we can’t change or explain around journey we have just taken.

It’s important to understand that the loss we are addressing here is two-fold or even three i.e. you and that child within and of course there could be that significant other they will also feel that loss. But all will become clear within your journey if clear is even a word we can use here when everything around us is anything but during that time. For sure there will be a loss within us when our broken souls merge because both sides will need to leave something behind, it will be unavoidable there will be aspects where we differ greatly and things that the other won’t tolerate. This will change as we learn how to act within that oneness until it is no longer felt and we act as one, yes sacrifices will have to be made by each but in time we will arrive at disarmament.

I’d like to say that it will not be the same for all of us and in truth it isn’t everyone journey is different and personal to us, but we will all have to encounter this journey at some point. Because when there is no unity within and that’s what we are striving for how could we ever avoid it? We have reached a place of truth aided by the goddess Veritas, and we have no other choice but to realise that we are standing within truthfulness and at peace. At that time of our new beginning, all we can do is to reach out to the god of healing Asclepius, for both ourselves and for the people that may have been harmed during our transition. There may be many more than we realise because during that time the only clear interaction is happening where others can’t go, even if there were space which clearly there isn’t they are safer not to follow us at this time of enhanced emotions.

It seems that we had to let go of everything before we could even contemplate picking up anything new, and our only defence is that without clear thought we couldn’t see clearly. Our pain seemed to consume us to a point of selflessness and anger even our actions may have seemed a little insane for a period of time. I am reminded here of the proverb that we only hurt the one we love but we may have just taken it to a completely different level but maybe that is why? although completely unfair maybe it feels as if we have some degree of safety or understanding when we reach a place of complete collapse, and before we are able to complete our journey sorry will seem to be so extremely empty when we visualise just how much damage we may have created and we will, without doubt, will not be spared we will have our share.

But in truth what can we say? As we recover from that happening and the painful realisation of the emotions we may have tread upon, without being able to control that happening hearts will be broken to include our own which is suddenly so clearly evident. Sadly on emerging into our now reality there may only be two things that we will still have hold of acceptance and ownership, but it can’t hurt to offer up a prayer to the goddess Charis for her beauty nurturing nature and capacity for forgiveness. Our future is indeed now in the lap of those gods but we must hold on to the fact that we won’t need to make that journey again, it was a once in a lifetime deal which once struck there was no retreat we were within it until we found a way out together.

All of the above I’ve used for the purpose of literary connection, but in essence, this experience for many is reminiscent and in time it will be recognised by others. It’s a journey for many that they still have yet to make and we will all become that child at that moment, unable to cope or control any emotion as we are drawn within before we are able to emerge as that adult in recovery. The question begging is why? Maybe it’s because our inner child can’t make it out on their own unless we return to the playground and stay long enough to close the gate behind us, there will be so much pushing and pulling on our emotions that anything is plausible whilst feeling that we are trying to deal with the impossible.

I guess if we are to believe in god or spirit then why not all gods however mythical? Today it has served me as an aid to writing this piece whilst struggling with the transference of my emotions because this is a journey I have already taken so I know it well. We travelled back to the time of mythology in a hope of being able to explain the extreme happenings with more vigour and just how extreme our emotions will become. We have reached back into the past today to a time where everything would have been so very different but I’m sure that child abuse has always been prevalent, time may have moved on but it seems that the world is still plagued with these atrocities. Each day as it arrives there will be someone new standing just where I placed my feet not so very long ago and they will be held there because it’s their time.

When faced with this offer of union however difficult take it now it’s your time because there may not be a second time of asking…………….

Upcoming Interview

Please see below for the information of my upcoming radio show with the NAASCA (National association of adult survivors of child abuse) I first spoke with Bill some years ago now and I look forward to our renewed conversation. This organisation helps so many and work so extremely hard to give their support which is greatly needed. Please see the information with regards to the show below. I will post a direct link here once the show has come to an end and available on request through podcast the show will run live for 90 minutes.

Show description once available on podcast

Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) – 2020 — special guest Teresa Joyce– Fri, 11/30/18

Tonight’s special guest is Teresa Joyce from the UK, a returning NAASCA family member, author of “There’s a Fine Line” which she says is a true story that ranges over a period of many years. Teresa explains the book, “covers the first married years of my mother’s life, and the abuse she received from my now deceased father.” Sadly, hardship just seemed to follow her around. Some years later she remarried, but unfortunately this union would “tear her once more into tiny pieces.” Teresa explains she would spend many years hating not only herself, but everything around her. She swore to herself that she would leave all this behind at the first possible occasion. “The impact of sexual abuse varies from child to child for many the damage is enormous,” she says, “with the impact still being felt into adulthood affecting all aspects of their life.” Teresa continues, “Working through the memories of childhood abuse is painstaking work it will never happen overnight. But if we are ever going to be tested in our lives then this is one of the biggest test of all.” Ms Joyce explains, “We learn to process the memories that we remember as and when we can, because those traumatising memories are not always remembered all at once on a conscious level. In truth it’s your mind that is protecting you from confronting all those painful memories all at once. You will remember more when you are ready and able. With remembrance and time you find that you are working towards and able to see that positive outcome that can be yours. This is the right way – the one where you say to all that you alone stopped abuse in its tracks. Once you reach that feeling of completion you will understand fully – that yes it is indeed your life.”


8pm EST US time on Friday the 30th on November

There will come a time where we will all be as free as the above picture dictates it truly is just a matter of time, but sadly at times it is also accompanied by loss which was never intended which brings with it remorse. It’s fair to say that if we ever reach a place in our live’s where we feel that we know everything that’s the time when we realise that maybe we know nothing. Recovery from abuse can be like that it’s a journey that we are not trying to forget because we can never make it go away but we can take it to a place where it no longer dictates our live’s.

However hard we try until it’s completion our journey is incomplete…….

We Never Stop Learning

I try to post at least once or twice per month for both myself and others but I am finding myself drawn to my keyboard so often at present, I could tell you that there is a lot going on inside my head of late and that would be completely truthful. For the first time in my nearly sixty years, I feel free, free of the weight I had pulled along behind me since I was a child. For all of us, there comes a time where we find peace and we feel that at last, we matter. If I’m going to be truthful I am really getting in touch with my emotions, emotions that were so very deep within so much was unearthed! Who would have thought that it would take me this long? Anyway, that’s enough about me.

We go through a range of emotions as time passes and we are never too old to learn those lessons in a place that we have long been trying to avoid. Only a short time ago I was pushed back into a place where I could no longer hold on to that which I thought I had closed the door on. Circumstance pushed me there and I had no choice but to bend to the will of my emotions. I never thought that I needed to revisit that place but in truth, I had to complete my transition, although I had long ago thought that it was a place that I was already in! Wow, life can really surprise us at times and they are not always welcome ones. Sorry me again!

So how and when do we stop learning to feel and be affected by our emotions? We don’t just how staid would our life be if we came to a place of sedation and where there is no more to learn or feel? It may sound peaceful even wished for but the truth is without life’s challenges we would never reach into those emotions that we really need to feel. Unfortunately, we can’t hand pick which emotion arrives or if it may be life-shattering because life chooses for us so we can never just sit back on our laurels. Wherever we are taken on that journey there is always a way back, eventually, and a way to pick up the pieces that will be presented in front of us resembling our life’s jigsaw.

Understanding that you can still do well and recover after experiencing a bad journey is a realisation that comes to us all if we look hard enough-nothing either starts ends begins or happens unless we try and trying is something we are world class at. Even if done so humbly or begrudgingly with acceptance, we have to complete that particular journey now because its time and time won’t wait. Lessons can be painful not only for the receiver but also for the giver sometimes without knowledge, our lives are not only shaped by our experiences but by our relationships with those that we love or loved.

We should never ask that of somebody that we wouldn’t ask of ourselves and this lesson may not be intended for you alone. In essence, we are contributing to that lesson far more than we realise we have reached a catalyst that we can no longer ignore, and we can’t or won’t move past it until our learning takes place and that journey has been completed to whatever end. Ignoring these lessons will only mean that they will need to be repeated, but there comes a time where they are seen for what they really are, life and the complicated issues or experiences that are the makeup of who we are and all of mankind.

Our difficulty is that along with what life throws at us we have to reconcile the conflict within which makes it far more difficult, and the lesson has to be experienced and digested by two. That other part of you at times completely takes over and so our actions or reactions are distorted and at times explainable why? Our interactions will always be the child protecting its self and the adult not understanding the choices made by that child. To rectify the lesson has to be learnt by the merging and the understanding of the actions taken whilst apart trying to protect ourselves in conflict, if we have any chance of becoming complete and as one softness is much needed here not judgement and at times we make all the wrong choices whilst trying to integrate.

Ego paenitet, ego eram tenens puer meus- it sounds so much better in latin but heartfelt within any dialogue………….

Ես անկեղծորեն ներողություն եմ խնդրում այստեղ ձեր ծնված լեզվով