Words That Should Never Be Spoken

Words That Should Never Be Spoken

Before I re-post this piece I need to explain the reason as to why I had taken it down. It truth it was because I found that it was closely linked with my feelings and emotions at that time in my own present. Although I try to write for all to benefit from my pieces my own emotions cannot at times be excluded because life happens to all of us. Knowing this I removed the piece to reflect on the reasons that I had written it. For me it was a great learning curve because I questioned what I know was the truth without those rose coloured glasses. After careful consideration I am now sure that I wrote it for the right reasons whilst also acknowledging my own feelings of humanity and at times self judgement. Some people just really can’t be helped and seem to take joy in another’s pain in a very narcissistic manner, but we will never reach them because they are unreachable and live in a place where they are the only concern. In time these people will lose all that matters to them because they don’t know how not to act in an unselfish manner, whilst also cruelly making another feel that this discord within was of their own making.

So here it is back where it should have stayed without questioning my reasons for writing which is never going to be in question again.


Words have power and invoke upon us an enormous range of feelings and emotions but when these words are spoken by the one you love their power becomes infinite because you never expected it from that direction. When you are likened to your abuser the pain we feel is so completely excruciating because you know just what that monster was and is capable of

Are you really like him? Or is this just a sure fired way of hurting you with the most painful part of your life as ammunition. Even writing these words is painful it’s as if you have been stabbed right through the heart by someone that your heart belonged to, you are deeply reminded that maybe you will never it seems be able to leave this past hurt behind you. Someone somewhere will always be able to take a clear pot shot in your direction at their will, as you’re reminded of the chains that you have been pulling behind you nearly all of your life.

So how do we feel when that remark is then made by someone who has also been abused themselves? They wouldn’t say that right? Why would they because they must be acutely aware of just how painful that remark would be wouldn’t they? Sadly I have become so very aware of late that there are some people that will say anything in which to hurt you the most, and the knowledge of your abuse is the most powerful weapon in their arsenal. But we need to remember that if they choose to take this action it’s far more about them than about you because in doing so they show the true measure of whom they are. It may take some time to recuperate from a situation like this but we are more than capable.

Sadly they will always be who they are with no hope of recovery within for themselves because they have become so very dark inside. I’m choosing not to write more here today because I am not prepared to give them any more recognition than they deserve why? In truth they don’t deserve any recognition whatsoever when they crawl along the ground so very low as to use our abuser against us. We need to be aware that this type of person is indeed out there among us, and instead of looking inwards towards their own recovery they choose to use it as an excuse to behave in any manner they wish to. Take this knowledge and bury it away in a darkest corner of your mind in the hope that it never needs to be exhumed.

But if there is ever a day that you’re reminded of this piece remember that their words reflect nothing about you and everything about them……..

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