Exclusive email interview for letsmote.com the worlds first emotional network

Exclusive email interview for letsmote.com the worlds first emotional network

help me1. Tell us a little about your latest book?

In a nutshell, my book is a walk-through of my own personal experiences, within the mind field of abuse and recovery. Through writing my book, I found the strength and hope to come back from a very dark place. My greatest wish whilst writing was to impart to others, that we can all achieve this. I guess the prayer offered up within its pages was that the strength could be found within, for others to make their own journey to recovery.

After an accident in which I injured my back, I was ill-health retired. This gave me the time and dedication to put pen to paper. My life was no longer full, and I found myself with an abundance of solitary time, to sit and reflect everything I had tried so hard to bury. Although this journey was extremely difficult for me, my hope is that anyone finding themselves in the same type of situation may take some strength from its content. If this book were to be catalogued, where would it fall? A true account – personal autobiography – self-help? The real truth is, in all three.

Whilst writing I was forced down a road that I never really wanted to walk again. It’s an insight to the lengths someone will go to achieve a goal. At times I had to walk away to deal with the emotions that it invoked. To say this person was very unhinged would be an understatement: teetering on the edge of insanity, and crossing over more times than I can count. Where everyone else involved just became fall out. It was as if I were being pursued by the Devil himself. There seemed to be nothing I could do to stop him and the destruction he left in his wake. The facts within are very hard to believe, but believe it I must, because I was there.

For myself my book was a journey that I had to take. I needed to silence the demons I was carrying along with me.

There is a place deep inside of us all that remains untapped, unless you reach your lowest point and allow the soul within you to take hold. Today my outlook on life is so very different; instead of the glass being half empty, it is half full. It was time to heal the child within me; she had suffered enough.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel; my books aim was to reassure that. “There’s a fine line” was my saviour, and through my writing I found my way back to the right side of that line . . .

2. Who is your Primary Target Audience?

I guess my primary audience would be those who have lived through the suffering of abuse; it has so many forms and guises. So would that fall under any heading? If only it were that easy. You will find abuse lurking in ever dark corner available, so my primary audience would be those that need to come back to the light. Those who want to take that step to heal the void that abuse creates, even those that are not quite ready to face their demons. Camaraderie can still be found within the madness of abuse. Small steps over time become a stride. By coming together, we find that there is a hand to hold, to take the right steps. Sadly my audience is vast.

3. Where do books stand in the ever-growing self-help industry?

Books or any reading material will always be an ever-growing part of the self-help industry; they are a part of everyone’s daily life. We can lose ourselves in books, escape the daily droll of life. The self-help industry with regard to books is one that allows us to take steps forward in our own time. What I mean by that is that recovery is not black and white; it’s all shades of gray.

If we sit in a doctor’s office we are expected to relate and relay our feelings, which is not always an easy thing to do. Books on self-help are flexible, because we can read and digest at our own pace. If we have had enough for that day we can stop; the book is always there tomorrow. A lot of the books are written by survivors or those that work within the field. But the greatest gift of all is that it’s right there in your hand, and always there for reference.

4. What do you think can further improve the coming future of the self help industry?

There is always room for improvement within the self-help industry as there is in any walk of life; we should never feel that improvement it not needed. For me it’s a question of asking the right questions to the right people. What do I mean by that? Well, if you what to learn how to drive, you ask a driving instructor, so the best person to ask about self-help are those that have achieved that aim. I feel that there is a lot of knowledge out there that remains untapped; the greatest understanding is always given by those who have walked that road.

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