October 2012

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Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show Discusses Sexual Abuse as Related to “Coach” Jerry Sandusky; Interview With Abuse Survivor Teresa Joyce, Author of “There’s A Fine Line”
Victims of sexual, physical or verbal abuse often remain loyal or desperately attached to their abuser. Jerry Sandusky’s trial brings this phenomenon to light. This Stockholm-like Effect deserves compassionate examination. Dr. Carol Francis on her Radio Talk Show discusses the magnetic pull between victim and abuser with Teresa Joyce author of “There’s A Fine Line” which is an autobiographical account of how twisted and entangled such relationships become.

“There’s A Fine Line” Autobiography about Sexual Abuse by Teresa Joyce
Quote stagecoach Sandusky’s Trial compels every parent to take heed about the role of influential authorities in their child’s life. Sexual and mental abuse is real. Listen to your child’s unspoken cries.Quote end

London, England (PRWEB) October 19, 2012

Dr. Carol Francis discusses sexual abuse as related to “Coach” Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse against his young trusting students. This radio show is available on demand at Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show.
“Jerry Sandusky misused his relationship as coach or a socially powerful man who could make or break these children’s youthful-athletic “careers,” self-esteem or sense of being “accepted.” The children’s responses at times clearly illustrated the human vulnerability to remaining attached and even loyal to one’s abuser,” explains Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Carol Francis.
Dr. Carol Francis helps listeners appreciate the depth of entanglement that victims feel with a power-figure who becomes emotionally and sexually abusive in this radio interview with author Teresa Joyce, abuse survivor.
Teresa Joyce’s book “There’s A Fine Line” published by Chipmunka Publishing helps all readers feel the disturbing entanglements within these twisted relationships. The abuser seems essential to the victim’s perceived survival or worth. Listen to this powerful radio interview with Teresa Joyce at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dr-carol-francis/2012/04/16/sexual-abu… or on my YouTube.com/drcarolfrancis at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4ECD9E3D9DF369E4.
“We teach children to respect authorities in their lives and too often instruct them to cooperate and “do as they say.’ These parenting instructions do not have innocent impact on children when those young ones are left in the hands of a sexual abuser or even verbally or physically abusive adults. Parents need to take heed to teach children to act with respect but only give genuine respect and genuine cooperative behavior when the adult proves to be worthy of respect and when that adult instructs the child to do worthwhile activities,” suggests Dr. Carol Francis. “Blind obedience is a practice which should have been discarded decades ago even before Hitler’s horrific era. Young children need to be taught the power of saying no, leaving a bad situation with an adult and knowing that even adults can have bad intentions. These are definitely harder parenting instructions to explain or teach to a young innocent child.”
Dr. Carol Francis has been a Clinical Psychologist and Marriage Child and Family Therapist for 32 years and has published extensively. Other radio shows, books, articles, blogs and discussions can be attained at drcarolfrancis.com


When we think about this emotion more times than enough it’s the way we look at others. Empowerment is the person we see standing in front of us totally in control whilst showing us the way. This person surly has all of the answers; they speak with wisdom and fortitude. Where do they find the strength the firmness of mind, enabling them to encounter danger with such courage? It’s there supporting them with every move they make, we have the odd feeling that an aura of power seems to emanate from them. There’s an undeniable force likened to something we have never encountered previously. So how can they speak with such authority? To my mind those that are at their best at doing so, have at some point been in a place that you feel you are right now. This is a scenario I have experienced on more than one occasion. The truth is that we all learn more from someone who has experienced the same emotion as we find ourselves within. Over the years I have seen more than one mental health professional all hoping to be the one that would end my struggle, which was a process that took many years. I was lucky enough in time to find that one person that changed the way I felt about myself. Sadly it’s a kind of lottery as to who may be your salvation. I sit here today and know that I could have found an easier route through empowerment. This may have started with attending seminars, listening to radio shows geared towards that subject. But the most powerful tool of all would have been hearing the words of a survivor.

So how do we ever stand a chance of becoming it seems to us the font of all knowledge? How can we command the strength of character that we are witnessing? The one true answer has to be self empowerment. You may be sitting there right now thinking that I am stating the obvious and you would be right, but knowing and believing are two very different things.

For so many because of the guilt we carry within self empowerment we feel is impossible to achieve. It’s the one thing that we can’t shake off it’s such a powerful emotion. It’s impregnating within us over the years of our struggle. You may be asking what or why do we feel so guilty? The resounding reply to that question is undoubtedly the brainwashing we were subjected to over the years. In my own experience it was unmistakable and unquestionable. For so many years I stayed within an abusive situation never able to see my way out. The longer the abuse continued the greater the guilt increased, until it was compounded so deeply within me it seemed I was unable to come up for air. Our abusers have played their game so well, the master tactician far more powerful than ourselves. Everyday seeming like ground-hog day nothing alters our pain only increases. The word empowerment is so very far away. Self empowerment we believe is totally unobtainable.

So where do we start? We learn to place the guilt where it firmly belongs. We need to understand fully that we were the victims. If this abuse was during childhood how can the fault sit with you? More often than not our abuser is a family member or someone you may have looked up to trusted. Your protector whom you chose to believe would never put you in a situation of danger. Sometimes our beliefs are not under our control. Self empowerment is obtainable to every one of us when we take back control of our lives, when we understand that the sin was not our own but against us. When doing so we exorcise the ghost that seemed as if it would never leave.

Empowerment is the process of making our own choices, of having some impact on the desired outcome. We can only look within because in truth no one else is going to do it for us or can achieve the desired outcome. Align your life with the positives that are only just beyond your reach. You have to believe that’s possible. It’s a case of digging deep within to tap into the strength that carried you along this far which was no easy task.
You and you alone know the best way forward for you; backward glances are not an option. We can never forget but we can forgive which is a completely different concept. Who are we forgiving? That child within us that has suffered enough…….